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How the RWP changed Sarah's life..

The REALWITH Project

Getting better, together.

The REALWITH Project (RWP), was originally a 6 week long, group-oriented program built on my key pillars of holistic wellness, but I am happy to announce we have extended the program to 8 weeks and have added even more content & tools to help you along your journey to you best, most authentic, most vibrant self!!!

This program was created to push each of you to get real with your goals, get real with your soul, and most importantly get real with your health & wellness - TOGETHER. 

My method to achieving optimal health and wellness goes way beyond the surface level B.S that has infiltrated the diet and wellness world. No more counting calories, weighing your food, skipping meals and ignoring your hunger. This program cuts through all that B.S - providing you with the education, support & guidance that you need to conquer your fitness and weight loss goals, develop a healthy mindset and create a deep rooted connection & love for your body, mind, & spirit. Because skinny ≠ happy.

The RWE Method teaches YOU how to take control of your health. Your intuition is the only tool you need to create the life & body you have always dreamed of.

Why a group program? The power of connection is what separates this program from any other health & wellness program out there. You’ll not only be rewiring your perspectives on life, food, & fitness but you’ll have a group of women all working toward the same goal. This group provides infinite support, connection & love in

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How the RWP changed Becca's life..

So, what are you getting?

As members of the RWP you will be provided with 8 weeks of modules, detailing each of the essential pillars of holistic wellness that you are critical to living in alignment with your most authentic and vibrant self -- PLUS an entire BONUS module on The Law of Attraction - how to manifest the life of your dreams!

Along with:

2 one on one coaching calls

8 group coaching calls

28 day meal plan (w/ a vegetarian option!)

28 day movement guide

RWE Nutrition Bible (cooking hacks, traveling tips, ingredient guide & more!)

24/7 access to me via text & email!


What are you learning?


We kick off our 8 weeks together with ALL of the goods! I will teach you how to get more results by doing way, way less. It is time to turn your metabolism back on & have your body work for you, not against you.


  • How to fuel and move your body to rev up your metabolism and balance your hormones
  • How to consume & move, mindfully
  • Why you need to eat MORE & not less
  • How to meal prep, my top cooking hacks, easy health swaps and most importantly - why food quality matters
  • All you need to know to dine out, vacation and celebrate without the stress of throwing your diet out the window


  • You will feel MORE than prepared to plan and prepare your meals, to move your body and to LIVE YOUR DAMN LIFE without the anxiety and fear. Your energy will lift, your skin will brighten and you will poop like a boss. This week makes the future look shiny and bright knowing you don’t have to be a slave to the crash diet, calorie obsessed world.


This week we dive into all the woo-woo. The doors to endless joy and love will burst wide open as we explore the ways to live in alignment with our highest selves!


  • What it means to live in alignment - what it looks like, feels like and how to stay high vibe
  • The power of mindfulness - becoming aware & cleansing our minds of the anxious & obsessive
  • Why gratitude is the only thing you need in life
  • The #1 way to tap into your emotions & lift your spirit


  • You will feel more connected to yourself than ever before - your body, mind & soul. Your days will unfold with ease and the simple things will bring massive amounts of joy. You will feel more seen, heard and understood than you knew possible. The future looks bright, and it's yours for the taking.


We want to start with who you are at THIS moment. Not who you've been or who you think you should be. This week tackles all things mental - your mental health is the base of your overall wellness. If you can't deal with the sh*t in your head, how could you possibly deal with the rest of the sh*t life throws at you?


  • How to connect with yourself to figure out what it is you need in a given moment
  • Why validation is the key to healing
  • What the ego is and why this plays a massive role in your ability to make long lasting changes & achieve true transformation
  • The number one reason you haven't been able to stick to your health goals and practices, and how to overcome it


  • By tackling the brain you will be able to connect back to who you are and take back control of your energy, mood and motivation. With the awareness and insight on how your ego works against you, you'll be able to choose again to continue the positive flow of energy that is your life. You’ll feel lighter, more in control & excited for the possibilities to come.


It's time to get selfish! One of the biggest obstacles I see with clients is letting the opinion and needs of others interfere with their wellness journey. This week is dedicated to showing you why it is CRUCIAL to fill your cup first. 


  • Why sleep is the #1 factor for your health - and why you aren’t sleeping as well as you think...
  • The BEST of the best forms of self care and how often they should be present in your daily life.
  • The power of touch ;)
  • What intuition really means and how to reconnect to your inner power & light.


  • You will feel good making yourself feel good. The relationships in your life will become stronger, your energy will begin to rise and your mind will be light and free. By taking care of you, not worrying about others - you will be on top of your game for others and most importantly - for yourself.


This week we are going to get real - why do you judge others? Why do you judge yourself? Are you letting the comparison game & fear of judgement hold you back from being your most authentic self?


  • Why people judge you - how to handle feeling judged and why empathy is the key.
  • How to kill the comparison game & step into yourself with confidence
  • The power of love & perspective


  • You may feel inclined to mend broken relationships and treat the ones you have with extra love and care. Your enemies will fade into the distance and the word hate will follow suit. You will feel your heart begin to grow (yes, like in the Grinch) as you deepen your connection to others. The hateful thoughts and jealous tendencies will be released and you'll feel more peace than you knew possible. You will be confident as HELL in your skin & in your voice. You’ll feel damn good.


You've got the information, you have me as your #1 supporter, a group of bada** ladies with you every step of the way… and now it is time for the next phase. This week is all about taking your new mindset, motivation and knowledge and creating a lasting wellness routine that you enjoy & will stick to. No more unrealistic goals, no more crazy calendars. It is time to create a life you love to live.


  • The biggest motivation and routine killer and best of all - how to squash it to effortlessly live your best life
  • How to manipulate your time and energy to get more by doing SO MUCH less.
  • Why creating consistent routines is the foundation of your health and happiness
  • How to apply your mindfulness practices to, well - everything.


  • You look forward to waking up - yes I said it! You finally have the energy and motivation needed to get through your day. Your days begin to unfold with ease and grace. You know what needs to be done, you make time for yourself and prioritize what lights you up. Each day becomes a blessing and you handle bumps in the road without breaking a sweat. You won’t be thinking twice about what to eat or how to “stay on track” - because there is no track. There is just you - living the life that makes you your best damn self.


Buckle up, friends because sh*t is about to get woo woo! We are going to kick off this week by diving into the world of spirit & our human connection to mother earth & the power of nature & will end with my favorite topic - the law of attraction & manifestation.


  • How to honor and nourish our innate cycles & seasons that correspond to nature
  • The importance of cycle syncing & how to balance your hormones naturally
  • How to use your intuition as a guide for every day choices & the big ones
  • My exact manifestation tools & practices
  • That the power of our thoughts are the key to unlocking the life we have always dreamed of, because anything is possible if you just believe


Everything begins to come into perspective. You are officially the Main Character in your life & everything is falling into place. You dream big, have clarity on your goals & have raised your vibration beyond belief.


No modules this week, because it is officially REFLECTION TIME! The last call is always the best call. This is when we take a trip down memory lane & reflect on who we all were when we began this journey together less than 8 weeks ago. This call is filled with love, gratitude, pride & an overarching sense of contentment as we close our time together and prepare to continue on the journey on our own.


I asked the alumni "if you had to recommend the RWP to a friend, what would you say?"

"RWP absolutely changes your entire life, and in ways that you wouldn't even expect. Emma's light, love, and wisdom just radiates – and she guides you every step of the way in your journey to healing. I went into this terrified but excited, because I knew deep down that I was going to connect with beautiful humans who are just as passionate about healing and wellness as I am. My intent was to learn more about myself and become more mindful so that I could be the best version of myself possible, and I got so much more than that. I laughed, I cried, I laughed so hard that I cried, my heart feels like its grown 3 sizes, and my soul has a fire in it I didn't even know was there. I finally feel like me again, a person that I haven't felt like in a really long time. And I now have the tools to continue on my life journey. I know that there are going to be some really bad days, weeks even; but Emma has given me the knowledge and power to get through it all, and come back better and stronger every time. Plus, she's always there if I ever need her, and so are my RWP ladies who are just the most amazing women I have ever met. Their love and energy are what really made this program truly special, and I will cherish their friendship for the rest of my days. Emma taught me to choose again, and to choose for myself – for that, I could not be more grateful."

"if you’re committed to choosing yourself, FUCKING DO IT. I also wrote this hehe, feel free to post: RWP is without a doubt a form of self care and self love. It’s a method to self discovery, a safe space where you create these profound connections with other souls all working with the same intentions — connections that i can confidentially say will last a lifetime. Regardless of what each individual may be going through in their own journey, the RWP provides the tools to achieve your desires in so many ways. Emma gets in this flow that radiates her love of this work. Digging deeper, choosing again, being intentional with your actions, intuitive living, I could quite literally go on for days but being apart of the program is something like no other. Every moment is authentic. Every moment is filled with love. And every moment, no matter how calm or lit the f up it is, sets a fire in your soul to keep going, keep digging & keep choosing again. I hold so much love and gratitude in my heart for Emma and my RWP sisters for the space they create for me, for the support they seem to never run out of, and for the bonds that will forever continue to grow."

"This program changed my life, my perspective and gave me a place to learn, grow, feel heard, help others with new people who all are there for each other! RWP gave me: -Improved sleep -Sleep routine that I go up to my room at 830 just so because I wanna do all my self care things -No longer addicted to melatonin -Morning routine that I wake up exited to do -Found a LOVE for Journaling -Understanding and accepting my thoughts and emotions -Manifesting anything I want -No longer consumed about my workout -Workout 4-5 days instead of 7 (which I never thought was ok) -Feel more confident in my body and trusting my process -Don’t stress about if I “should” or “shouldn’t” eat something -I eat what my body needs -Way less complaining -Coping with anxiety -new ways to release the thoughts -High vibes only (helps me put decisions and people into perspective) -Having Emma as someone who actually gets me and supports every damn win and shows me the importance of each low day (what’s a high without a low) -Health is not just food and fitness -A whole new way of living that gives u perspective of living in the now -Gratitude over all else"

"It was such a freeing experience. I learned so much about myself, and SO much in general. I also learned that behind closed doors so many girls struggle with the things that I, too was struggling with. This was eye-opening for me! Having support from a group and guidance from Emma over 6 weeks really helped me change certain habits, create new ones and stay consistent! I am feeling so much more confident, happier and have so much less anxiety about what I’m eating/my body/and what other people think of me. It’s like a weight has been lifted. Doing that inner work over the course of 6 weeks was an incredible experience. Couldn’t recommend this program enough! Thank you a million Emma!!!!"

"First off, Emma is a gem. her energy touches your soul through the screen. She makes you feel safe, seen and heard about things you never thought you could share. I am forever indebted to her for the impact she’s had on my life & growth The program itself flows so nicely. You have the flexibility to listen to modules at your own pace throughout each week. You are able to connect with people with similar values and intentions. You form a community and hold each other accountable. Long story short, if you feel called to do this program, take the leap and invest in yourself - you won’t regret it!"

"RWP will change your life. Emma is so knowledgeable & down-to-earth. The first time I talked to her, I felt like I had known her & been friends with her my whole life. If you think you already know a lot about the topics in the program, I guarantee you will still have epic lightbulb moments. If you think you don't have time... Being part of this program made MORE time in my life, because I was taking better care of myself, processing through old beliefs that didn't serve me anymore, & honestly feeling better than I ever thought possible. The best part though... connecting with other humans who want to grow into the best versions of themselves."


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How the RWP changed Kaitlin's life..

And now...

How much does The REALWITH Project Cost?

The REALWITH Project is valued at over $2800. But my mission is not driven by the dollar. If you know me, you know this :) My mission is to help as MANY women as I can by providing an affordable, life-changing program - that is sure to be the last you'll ever buy.

As much as I wish it could be, this program is NOT a step-by-step blueprint to healing. There is no such thing. We are all so unique, so beautifully different. This is why the RWP was created to hand you all the tools YOU need to build intuitively heal, grow, shed, evolve, and build a strong foundation for a lifelong journey dedicated to honoring who you are, living authentically, vibrantly, and choosing love > fear.

So, my friends, you can join The REALWITH Project 

right now for $1499.99!

Why $1499.99? I love numerology. 9999 is a message from the universe that parts of your life are coming to an end. That this phase of your life is coming to completion. It is a message that this deep inner urge you are feeling (which brought you to this page, reading this right now) is the universe steering you onto the next path. The right path. 

The ending you feel approaching needs to take place in order to make space for the new. The new life, the new mindset, the new goals, the new YOU. It is time to thank the past for showing you what it is you do not want, and making what you desire that much clearer.

Are you struggling to feel good about investing $$ into your future self? Message me and we can work together to discuss payment plan options that make you feel GOOD about choosing yourself. And also, understand that money is just energy. I am energy, you are energy, the laptop I am typing on is energy. Money was created as a means to exchange energy. As a way to give something of yours in return for something of equal or more value. 

I was scared of the cost to get my Masters degree. I was scared to pay close to 7k to become a health coach. I was scared to hire a 3k business coach. I was scared to pay 2k for my website. I was scared, but I did it anyway. Because investing in your health & wellness is the gift that keeps on giving. 

Every SINGLE woman who was scared to join the RWP because of money - walked away from this program saying it was the best investment they ever made. They didn't just improve their health - they changed how they went about living. Their relationships got better, their work life improved, they found deeper passion, fulfillment, love, success in ALL areas of their life. They healed their trauma and are finally in a place where they honor their worthiness. They show up each day knowing they deserve love, compassion, joy. And so, they receive it. In this program you learn that you get what you expect. What you think about, you bring about.

So, what'll it be? 

The choice is yours. Are you ready to choose love > fear? 

Because if you're ready, I'm waiting.

***I must warn you. The spots for this program continue to get more competitive so this price of $1499.99 will not be here long!


what is holding you back? take the first step to becoming your best self....


you get out what you put in...


30 Years Old

RWP will change your life. Emma is so knowledgeable & down-to-earth. The first time I talked to her, I felt like I had known her & been friends with her my whole life. If you think you already know a lot about the topics in the program, I guarantee you will still have epic lightbulb moments. If you think you don't have time... Being part of this program made MORE time in my life, because I was taking better care of myself, processing through old beliefs that didn't serve me anymore, & honestly feeling better than I ever thought possible. The best part though... connecting with other humans who want to grow into the best versions of themselves.



I went back and forth in my head about signing up for RWP. “No, I don’t need this program” “I am not going to spend money on my own health and wellness, that’s crazy” “that could never be worth the money” but every Instagram story Emma posted drew me closer and closer to finally clicking send on a lengthy Instagram DM to Emma. That message brought me to the start of an amazing growth journey and truly one of the best experiences of my life. I went into the real with project wanting to improve my consistent stomach issues and learn how to look in the mirror without judging and critiquing myself. But WOW, who would have thought I would come out of this program feeling the way I do right now. The amount I have grown and the knowledge I have gained from this program is so much more than I ever could have imagined, in addition to drastically improving my gut health and now being able to look in the mirror and see myself as beautiful. The real with project taught me the power of gratitude, being grateful for the little things in life that I had never stopped to think about. The real with project taught me to feel my emotions without shame, guilt, or judgement. I’ve learned I feel each emotion for a reason and when I take the proper time, I can learn why I feel the way I do. The real with project taught me the importance of listening to my body and giving it the proper nutrients, movement, rest, and self-love that it deserves. The real with project taught me to accept myself, all of myself, even my talkative, loud, sometimes lazy, overly energetic self. I am learning each day to accept these parts of me and that is because of this program. The real with project taught me the unbelievable power of connection and gave me the opportunity to meet 6 of the most amazing, beautiful, intelligent women that I am so lucky and grateful to call my friends. They have forever changed me. And so has the real with project. I can never thank Emma enough for creating a program that has allowed me to learn so much about myself in such a short amount of time. I can’t wait for more girls to experience the joy, growth, “woo-woo” convos, tears, laughter and all that comes with this incredible journey. Thank you, Emma.


27 years old

Before starting my journey to wellness with Emma, I was someone who had tried just about everything to feel balanced/normal inside and out. I was someone who struggled with my mental health affecting a lot in my daily life. Being someone who followed a lot of fitness, nutrition, and wellness accounts on Instagram, Emma’s account really resonated with me. I knew Emma since college and I trusted her as I already had a relationship with her. She is someone who I could relate with more than anyone, she is real, raw, and has the biggest heart. I NEVER thought I would work through a wellness program, but it was the BEST decision I have made. When going into the program I had no idea what to expect. I was skeptical at first, is this truly going to work for me? Did I make the right decision? The quote above “You get out what you put in” was something that has really stuck with me throughout this whole process. Around week 5 or 6 was where I really had that ah-ha moment, where I could feel the impact in the lifestyle changes I was making. By the end of week 8 I felt like my whole life perspective had changed, I was mentally more clear, more in tune with my body, and finally felt like a weight had been lifted from my shoulders. Coming off my last week of the program, it was truly the BEST investment I could have made in my life. I have a better relationship with significant people in my life, food, fitness, and mental health. If you buy into her program, do so wholeheartedly. You WILL come out a better person, both inside and out.


56 years old

I am 56 years old, divorced with two adult children. I have a job that I love, amazing friends, and I’m more happy than not. But I felt like I was missing something – like I was treading water. Just existing, you know. Next thing I knew I was signed up for her 8 week 1:1 program. I’ve looked for a life coach before, but none of people I found spoke to me like Emma did. She talked about mindfulness and intuition, comparison and judgement, sleep and meditation. This wasn’t just one of those eat what I tell you to and workout the way I tell you to and you’ll be fine. Emma encourages you to ask the hard questions of yourself; not just what you may be doing wrong, but WHY. She taught me so much in those 8 weeks. I have more purpose in my life. I trust my intuition. I trust my body. I listen to my body! I don’t think I’ve ever done that before. Sure, I lost some weight and I toned up some, but it isn’t about that. It’s about loving you and your body exactly how you are. Emma taught me how to do that. I will be eternally grateful.


26 years old

I’m from Canada and I am a mom of two and worked with Emma in her 1:1 program. I went into this dead set on losing weight and working out super hard - and let me tell - yes, I did lose some weight BUT I am walking away with so much more. I have struggled with eating disorders and mental health issues since a very young age. I, like SO MANY OTHERS, was taught that my appearance defined my worth. That women are meant to be thin, and delicate. That my large athletic legs - from running, tennis, horseback riding, swimming, sailing - were wrong. Too big. Too muscular. I was always made fun of for my boobs - they developed a lot sooner than most girls. At a young age I would hide food under my bed - chips, cookies, icing - and binge on them. When I got a bit older in my teenage years I gained weight and so along with the binging came purging and over exercising. After I had my daughter I jumped from both extremes. Binging with no purging or extreme dieting. After having my son just binging. And binging. I felt like I had lost control. I am here to tell you that after this program I now LOVE my body the way it is and will continue to work to get healthier - from a place of love NOT hate. I am trying so hard and learning not to judge others OR judge myself (and being able to catch myself doing it, forgiving and moving on when it happens). My relationship with food is HEALING like never before. I am much more mindful and taking the time for myself. I feel SO happy. I am SO full of gratitude. I am making the time to meditate, journal and do the things that feed my body and soul so that I can be the best mom and wife I can be - and while not every day is perfect they are so much better than I ever could have managed. I have learned to work through my emotions rather than just hold on to them until I snap. AND SO MUCH MORE. So many amazing things have come from this and there is so much more to come! A big thank you to Emma!

The REALWITH Project Alumni

can you feel their energy?